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- Lori

Each time I am under Bonnie's hands , is an unique and awesome experience. My spirit & soul are warmed and comforted .My body and mind are lighter , and my being is balanced , lightened and enlightened with positivity, hope and grounding. Always a good thing.

Thank you Bonnie.

- Tina

I've been having reiki sessions with Bonnie over the last 6 months and they've all been mind, heart, and spirit opening. The craziest part of these particular sessions is that none of them have taken place in person; they've all been done at a distance, over the phone. Being able to feel the energy shift and change without having Bonnie with me physically has been absolutely remarkable. Although I can't wait to have a session in person, it's great knowing I can still get a lot out of distance sessions.

- Kali

I’ve had a couple Reiki sessions with Nurturing Love and I cannot fully put into words how amazing the experiences were. Going into the first session I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Bonnie explained the process very well and I was able to relax easily. The sessions definitely opened me up, mind, body, and soul. It was relaxing, yet energizing at the same time. I highly suggest contacting Bonnie to start your own journey. At this point, I know I’ll continue Reiki sessions with Nurturing Love as regularly as one would see a chiropractor!

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